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QPR pulling out of Warren Farm ??

Queens Park Rangers football club (QPR) seems to be losing interest in Warren Farm.

Reporting in the Evening Standard, 24th July: “Campaigners against Queens Park Rangers’ planned £30 million training centre are celebrating after the club’s chairman said the scheme could be scrapped.  The Premier League team’s owner Tony Fernandes [link] said the scale of local opposition to the plan to build a facility at Warren Farm in Hanwell, west London, had made him rethink his plans despite defeating a legal challenge in the High Court in March.

Nic Ferriday, chairman of the Brent River & Canal Society, said “If QPR do indeed pull out, this will be a great victory for the community. We have been strongly opposed to this scheme, which would have given away public open space to an unaccountable private business. That is, privatised. 

Now the local community and sports clubs can work together – hopefully with Ealing council – to work out a future for Warren Farm that meets community needs instead of the needs of a big, rich and distant company.”

See ‘Save Warren Farm’ web site for a fuller statement, following this news.


Posted July 28, 2014