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Gurnell to Greenford improvements planned

On 28th July a number of us were taken on a guided walk by Ealing Ranger James Morton and Thames 21 project manager Lucy Shuker. They took us around the area west of Gurnell Leisure Centre where the River Brent winds and where there are big improvements planned.

The project is being funded by the London Mayor’s Green Capital grant fund, Ealing Council and Thames 21. There will be scrapes near the river to create wetland areas which are lacking, due largely to centuries of river management for non-habitat aims. As well as providing new habitat, these may aid flood alleviation.

There will also be better access arrangements, including paths and hopefully a footbridge across the river at the ‘gauging station’ near the Costons Brook and Perivale Lane East.

You may not be able to see the detail, but the scanned map gives an idea of the area.

We’ll keep you updated as the project develops. Meanwhile, why not take a walk around the area?

Posted August 7, 2018