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Brent River Park demoted by stealth !

The latest version of Local Development Framework (LDF) – which used to be called the Borough Plan – was formally adopted by Ealing Council in 2014. (General information on the LDF as well as access to detailed documents is given on the Ealing Council website.)

When BRCS has studied the plans, it became clear that Ealing Council has deliberately sought to downgrade the Brent River Park (BRP). The are less specific mentions in the new Plan and the maps do not now show it properly.

Two sites, Warren Farm and Long Wood, have been taken out of the BRP, although these demotions are well hidden in the LDF documents.

The reason for demotion of Warren Farm is obvious. Ealing Council, having decided to give away the land and block public access, did not want Warren Farm to appear to be part of a public open space, namely the BRP.

The reason for demotion of Long Wood is less clear. Long Wood is one of the borough’s few nature reserves. We are not aware of any plans by the council to destroy it or sell it off , but the experience of Warren Farm makes us suspicious.

Update Jan 2021. Ealing’s Local Development Framework (or Local Plan) is very out of date and is being revised. We do not yet know the timetable for the new plan.

Posted December 2, 2014