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Brent Meadow update

Further to the threat described in article of 6th Dec 2017, we have been told by Hanwell Hootie that there is no intent to use Brent Meadow for as much as 24 days a year (6 events of up to 4 days). There is however no plan as far as we are aware to withdraw or change the license application. This is rather worrying.

Update May 2018

We were relieved to hear that a license has been granted only for the one event a year, not 6 event of up to 4 days. We were gratified that the representations from BRCS and from others concerned about our open spaces had an effect.

While the threat of repeated events on Brent Meadow has receded, there has nonetheless been some damage. The meadow was recently mowed for the Hanwell Hootie. This has spoiled the habitat for plants and animals which need the grass to grow to a reasonable height in order to reproduce. The recognised approach to conservation for a ‘hay meadow’ is a single yearly cut which may be from late June to September according to the site and the conservation objectives. Cutting in May is clearly inconsistent. It is very concerning that a designated Site of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINC) has been treated like this.

Posted December 30, 2017