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BRCS vision for Warren Farm

The Brent River & Canal Society has published a vision for the future of Warren Farm, part of Ealing’s section of the 11 km long Brent River Park.  The Society wishes to work in partnership with Ealing Council to realise this ambitious project.

Warren Farm was one of the top four parks in London in the ‘UK’s Best Park 2019’ voting and was awarded ‘Much Loved’ status.

Survey and monitoring by our experts since the former sports site was abandoned in 2013 has provided overwhelming evidence showing its significance for nature conservation.  Its precious acid and neutral grassland habitats now support rare plants and scarce and endangered birds, reptiles and amphibians.

Thousands of local residents came together to campaign against the destruction of these meadows for a football training ground and succeeded in obtaining a Judicial Review.  The immediate threat is gone, but we say that it is now time to agree a different future so that this wonderful area and its wildlife is properly looked after and preserved as open space for all to enjoy.

Ealing Council declared a Climate and Ecological Emergency in 2019 and is developing its strategy in response.  As part of this, we say that the Council should include our vision for Warren Farm and the surrounding open land, to help achieve its climate and ecological responsibilities.

We offer our full support to Ealing Council and will work in partnership with all who wish to secure this objective.

We are asking the Council to seek Local Nature Reserve status for Warren Farm and to move forward their previous decision to declare the nearby Brent River Park Meadows as a Local Nature Reserve.

We also ask the Council to seek Local Nature Reserve status by agreement with the owners of two adjacent nature sites to extend the proposed new Warren Farm Local Nature Reserve. If agreement cannot be reached, we ask the Council to use its Statutory powers to acquire the land utilising ‘planning gain’ from built development elsewhere in Ealing to offset environmental harm that cannot otherwise be mitigated

Combined with the existing Long Wood Local Nature Reserve, we seek a continuous stretch of accessible and sustainably managed open land within the Brent River Park, protected by Local Nature Reserve designation, to benefit both people and wildlife.

Our vision also includes site management recommendations in line with the Council’s adopted plan for the Brent River Park.  We are pleased to see that these are already being implemented on site.

The full technical document can be downloaded from our website here:

Posted December 14, 2020