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‘Fencegate’ land grab by Hobbayne Trust

In April 2019 residents in and around BIllets Hart Close in Hanwell were shocked to see that a piece of open land by the Grand Union Canal had suddenly been fenced off. The land is next to canal towpath and the Hobbayne Trust allotments.

Local residents discovered the land is ‘unregistered’, so Hobbayne Trust has just taken land they did not own and fenced it off from the general public!

By way of explanation, the trust said they “should” have owned the land and it was because of a drafting error that this piece of land was not handed over when they obtained the land for their allotments,

See Fencegate – the facts for a fuller story

The Hobbayne Trust have said that they want to be able to gain vehicular access to the allotments from the tend of BIllets Hart Close. But this does not make sense because the site already has vehicular access from St Margaret’s Road. And an allotment, of all places, has very little traffic. Unsurprisingly, local residents suspect there is something else going on.

Posted March 14, 2020