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Green spaces are good for our health !

Two reports summarise the case:

Top doctor backs ‘garden gym’ idea (BBC)

One of the UK’s top doctors says an accumulating body of evidence supports a link between urban green space and benefits to human wellbeing.

Royal College of Physicians president Sir Richard Thompson said plants helped reduce stress, anger and depression.

He added the fourth biggest cause of death in the UK was a lack of activity, making it important to provide green spaces in which people could exercise.

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Fizherbert Walk

Architects show that more green space and less housing density has a clear effect on public health (Independent)

It isn’t hard to find an architect who will tell you that vast swathes of the British urban landscape are ugly, grey and unappealing – nor would you struggle to find people who agreed with them. But could it be that the look and the layout of our cities is actually bad for our health?

A new report from the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) sets out to prove just that. Comparing rates of physical activity, childhood obesity and diabetes in England’s nine most populous cities, RIBA have found a clear correlation between the amount of green space, density of housing in urban areas, and the overall health of the local population.

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