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Council report shows Warren Farm not needed for new football pitches

Ealing Council has issued ‘Ealing Indoor and Outdoor Sports Facility Strategy and Action Plan 2022 – 2031’. This was seen by BRCS just two days before it was adopted by the Cabinet of Ealing council (13 July).

This report on sport is significant because it had been previously suggested that Warren Farm would be a good place to locate new football pitches. But doing so would destroy the high wildlife and public amenity value of the site and renege on the council’s commitment to make (most of) Warren Farm a nature reserve.

The report, by consultancy Continuum, points out that there are several sites in the borough which have unused capacity. They indicate it is far more sensible and cheaper to make relatively minor upgrades to these sites to accommodate the modest demand for extra pitches rather than construct a brand new facility.

The report and the Council cabinet paper can be found here  (page 251 onwards). Warning: The reports are mind-numbingly long and tedious!    

Posted July 15, 2022