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River Brent is the tops for eels

The eel has an extra-ordinary life cycle. Juvenile eels arrive on the coast as glass eels having drifted on ocean currents as ‘leptocephali’ from the Sargasso Sea (west Atlantic). The glass eels then pigment to form elvers during the early …
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Posted January 18, 2019

Could you lead a River Brent clean-up?

Have you been on any working party to clean up the Brent or other waterway?  If so, you might consider whether you could lead a party sometime instead of just joining in. The River Trust is organising a two-day training …
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Posted December 20, 2018

River Brent Improvement

London Wildlife Trust are planning a whole series of ‘River Brent Improvement Project Workdays’. Alice Wickman of LWT says: “Join London Wildlife Trust on a series of workdays installing habitat features on the River Brent in Hanwell, Ealing.  The Water for Wildlife team, …
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Posted October 10, 2018

Walk For Wildlife with Chris Packham

Walk for Wildlife Saturday 22nd Sep with Chris Packham. See ‘events’ tab.

Posted September 17, 2018

Green Belt and Metropolitan Open Land are vital !

A report by the Council for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE) has analysed all the green spaces and ‘designated’ land in London. CPRE found, perhaps unexpectedly, that the great majority of sites which are “statutory” or “designated” for their …
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Posted September 5, 2018

Trees reduce pollution

It has been known for a while that trees can help reduce air pollution. They trap and absorb pollutants, thereby reducing the amount we are exposed to. The Office of National Statistics (ONS) has published a report which put an …
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Posted August 20, 2018

Gurnell to Greenford improvements planned

On 28th July a number of us were taken on a guided walk by Ealing Ranger James Morton and Thames 21 project manager Lucy Shuker. They took us around the area west of Gurnell Leisure Centre where the River Brent …
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Posted August 7, 2018

Skylarks on Warren Farm

This picture, from a member of Ealing Wildlife Group, is a reminder of the sort of thing that BRCS and the Save Warren Farm campaign are trying to protect from destruction.

Posted May 30, 2018

Warren Farm

The latest legal challenge to the council’s decision to give away Warren Farm to Queens Park Rangers football club has failed. Court of Appeal judges Lord Justice Lindblom, Lord Justice Patten and Lady Justice Hallett agreed that Ealing council’s decision …
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Posted May 23, 2018

Brent Meadow update

Further to the threat described in article of 6th Dec 2017, we have been told by Hanwell Hootie that there is no intent to use Brent Meadow for as much as 24 days a year (6 events of up to …
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Posted December 30, 2017